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Yeh Meri Family S2 (Amazon miniTV) Release date, and More



Yeh Meri Family S2

Yeh Meri Family S2 is a forthcoming Indian dramedy web series. For The Viral Fever, Sameer Saxena created and oversaw the production of the programme. The script was written by Saurabh Khanna as his first literary work. The centre of the programme is the late 1990s life of Vishesh Bansal’s 12-year-old character Harshu Gupta in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It also includes members of the Gupta family and their acquaintances, such as Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurana, Ahan Nirban, Ruhi Khan, and Prasad Reddy.

TitleYeh Meri Family Season 2
GenreFamily Drama
Available onAmazon MiniTV
Release date19 May 2023
Directed bySameer Saxena
Produced byArun Kumar

Yeh Meri Family S2 Release Date

The second season of Yeh Meri Family is scheduled to release on May 19th, and it will be available to stream on Amazon miniTV. The show is made available to watch in Hindi language. Each episode has a running time of 35-40 mins.

Yeh Meri Family S2 Cast

Yeh Meri Family Season 2
  • Vishesh Bansal as Harshal “Harshu” Gupta, the series’ 12-year-old narrator.
Yeh Meri Family S2
  • Mona Singh as Poorva Gupta, Harshu’s mother.
Yeh Meri Family S2
  • Akarsh Khurana as Devendra Gupta, Harshu’s father.
Yeh Meri Family Season 2
  • Ahan Nirban in the role of Devansh Gupta, Harshu’s elder brother.
  • Ruhi Khan in the role of Dhwani Gupta, Harshu’s younger sister.
  • Prasad Reddy as Shanky, Harshu’s best friend.

Yeh Meri Family Season 2 Plot

The new season of Yeh Meri Family takes place in Lucknow during the winter of 1994. The setting is unimportant since the viewers won’t get to see anything particularly noteworthy about the city. Ritika, a student in Class 11 who is attempting to balance her life, is the story’s narrator. Each episode examines her relationship with each member of the family, and at the conclusion, we can see how the link has grown. We observe a development in her awareness of herself as well as in her interaction with her family.

Yeh Meri Family S2

She shares a home with her mother, a schoolteacher named Juhi Parmar, who is more active in the family than her husband, Rajesh Kumar. He is an engineer and is a peaceful dude. Rishi, her 10-year-old brother, appears older than his years (Anngad Maaholay). Their granny also pays them a visit. Together, they help Ritika negotiate her schoolwork, her exam-nightmares, her love of Kho-Kho, love and heartbreak, and meeting her parents’ expectations.

Yeh Meri Family S2 Trailer

The story of the series is shot in Jaipur. It revolves around all the happenings that occur in the life of the family. The trailer for Yeh Meri Family Season 2 web series released on 15 May, 2023.

Why watch Yeh Meri Family S2?

The series is worth watching because of its notable performances. The ‘Kiran Bedi’ of the house is Juhi Parmar, who made her OTT debut with this season. As the distant yet devoted good policeman father of the family, Rajesh Sharma excels. Anngad Maaholay portrays the adorable but bothersome little brother who steps up to take charge when necessary. Overall, this is a relaxed and airy watch. One of the programmes on this list can be the ideal companion for your lunch or supper breaks.

Where to watch Yeh Meri Family Season 2?

You can watch the web series Yeh Meri Family Season 2 on Amazon miniTV for free. It was made available for the global audience on 19 may 2023.

Where can we watch Yeh Meri Family Season 2?

You can watch the web series Yeh Meri Family Season 2 on Amazon miniTV for free.

When was the first season of Yeh Meri Family publicized?

The first season of Yeh Meri Family was released on 12 July 2018.

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