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The Archies 2023 (Movie) Release Date, Cast and More!



The Archies

The Archies, Step into Riverdale, India, where the backdrop may have changed a bit, but the milkshakes are equally delicious. In “The Archies,” filmmaker Zoya Akhtar, offers a fresh take on the timeless Archie Comics by relocating the gang to a hill station in Anglo-Indian style in the year 1964.

It’s a year marked by rock ‘n’ roll, the excitement of teenagers, and many more thrilling experiences, as were teased in a new preview unveiled at Netflix’s Tudum Global Fan Event.


Taking place in the 1960s in a fictitious Indian town known as Riverdale, “The Archies” is a coming-of-age musical that delves into the lives of the town’s beloved group of teenagers, including Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Ethel, and Dilton. Presented through the perspective of the distinctive Anglo-Indian community, the story of “The Archies” explores themes of friendship, independence, love, heartbreak, and rebellion.

Just like their predecessors who created the iconic hit “Sugar, Sugar,” these new Archies will also leave their musical imprint. The cast even provided the Tudum audience with a sneak peek of one of their performances.


Vedang Raina as Reggie Mantle – Reggie is undeniably handsome and fully aware of it. Within the gang, he assumes the role of the sharp-witted and humorous joker. Although he may come across as self-centered and sharp-tongued, Reggie harbors hidden sensitivities that he doesn’t often display openly. Despite having a secret crush on Veronica, he doesn’t let that prevent him from dating other girls in Riverdale. It’s safe to say that Reggie’s self-love surpasses anyone else’s affection for him!

Khushi Kapoor as Betty Cooper – Betty Cooper embodies the charming girl-next-door persona. She is characterized by her unwavering determination, kindness, and versatility, excelling in almost any endeavor she pursues—except for winning Archie’s heart. Betty enjoys writing in her journal, assisting her father in the bookstore, and contributing to her mother’s baking endeavors. Her exceptional ability to see the positive qualities in others makes her the most dependable and endearing friend one could have.

Agastya Nanda as Archie Andrews Archie Andrews, the charismatic and likable heartthrob of Riverdale, possesses a deep passion for music and finds joy in performing with his band, The Archies. Despite his selflessness and unwavering loyalty, he grapples with conflicted emotions between Betty and Veronica. His tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve frequently leads him into troublesome situations.


Suhana Khan as Veronica Lodge – Veronica Lodge, the wealthiest young woman in town, possesses a strong sense of determination and refuses to be taken advantage of by anyone. Veronica is stylish, bold, and quite popular among the boys. Her exceptional self-assuredness sets her apart in Riverdale’s traditional ambiance. While her mansion is impressive, it’s second only to the size of her generous heart.

Yuvraj Menda as Dilton Doiley – Dilton Doiley, the exceptionally intelligent and stylish teenager of Riverdale. His character is based on his unwavering dedication to studying new subjects and working on inventions in his room. He consistently impresses his friends with his brilliance. However, beneath his calm and composed exterior lies a hidden secret that he keeps to himself, struggling to come to grips with it.

Dot as Ethel Muggs – Ethel Muggs, often overlooked and possessing an unconventional charm, is rapidly becoming Riverdale’s most promising hairstylist. She holds a deep passion for her profession and aspires to achieve a prosperous future in it. Ethel is renowned for her kind and gentle nature, characterized by her unwavering loyalty and dependable friendship. Her affection for Jughead is widely known, and she endeavours to win his heart by sharing her food with him.

Mihir Ahuja as Jughead Jones – Jughead, easily identifiable by his constant hunger and unique headwear selection, is Archie’s closest companion. Unlike his laid-back friend, he has an aversion to interacting with girls. Strikingly perceptive and clever, Jughead prefers to follow his own path. Interestingly, he tends to consume more food than he serves while working there.

Director and Writer

Zoya Akhtar is the director of the film, the writers of the film are Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Ayesha Devitre.

Release Date

The movie will be premiering on Netflix on December 7, 2023.


Where to watch?

The movie is scheduled to be premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2023.


When is The Archies releasing?

The Archies will be releasing on December 7th, 2923.

Where will The Archies release?

The Archies will be premiering on Netflix.

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