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Posh Knight (Suge Knight’s daughter) family, wiki, career, and more



Posh Knight is very famous for being the daughter of renowned American rapper, Suge Knight. Posh was born by one of the women Suge Knights had a relationship with. Suge was one of the founding members of Death Row Records, gained fame in pop culture.


Bornnot known
Age (as of 2021)not known
ParentsFather- Suge Knight
Mother- Not known
Eye colournot known
Hair colournot known

Early life, family, and education of Posh Knight

The birth date and place of Posh Knight is not known. She likes to keep herself private and hence hasn’t disclosed any details of her. Posh is the daughter of Suge Knight.

However, the identification of her mom is unknown. Because Suge changed into numerous relationships ahead where he married and divorced two times. Suge’s primary spouse was Sharita Golden and the second spouse was Michel`le Denise Toussan. However, neither is Posh`s mom. A woman gave birth to Posh who was not married to her dad. Moreover, her half-siblings are Taj Knight, Andrew Knight, Legend Knight, and Bailey Knight. 


Posh Knight has stayed far from the limelight with minimal information revealed about her personal life. So, there is no information about her education details and career. Posh has kept out of sight for purposes not known thus very little info is available of her. Suge Knight has also contributed to keeping her far from the limelight even though his life has been subjected to popularity and drama.

Why is Suge Knight in jail?

He was sentenced to 28 years behind bars in 2018 for voluntarily murder. Besides working on Tupac’s album, Suge Knight imprisoned music executive also released The Chronic for Dr Dre in 1992 and D*ggystyle for Snoop Dogg in 1993.

Unfortunately, using violence and intimidation in business later cost Knight’s career, family, and wealth. Suge Knight’s Death Row Records landed into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2006. Hence, Snoop Dog (one of his early signees) took over as the new owner on 10th February 2022.

Personal life

There is no information revealed about who Posh dates or whether she is even married. 

Some exciting facts about Posh Knights

  • She is from the United States of America.
  • Posh is an American by nationality.
  • She is also a descent of Afro-American.
  • Her father avoids talking who was the mother of Posh with the media.
  • Moreover, there are no family pictures of Posh anywhere on the internet and it seems unclear why Suge Knight hasn’t opened up about his daughter.
  • She also likes to keep her life private.


Who is Posh Knight?

She is a famous youngster who is mainly known as the child of rapper Suge Knight. 

What is the net worth of Posh Knight?

Though her net worth is not revealed, her father, however, has a net worth of $200,000 with his main source of income is his music career. 

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