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Kshama Bindu (content creator) age, career, marriage, facts, and more



Kshama Bindu has recently gone viral on the internet for her choice. She is the first Indian who adopted Sologamy in India. Kshama is a content creator. She went viral in June 2022 for her decision to marry herself.

About Kshama

Born10 August 1998
Age (as of 2022)24 years
BirthplaceDaman, Gujarat
ProfessionPrivate firm employee
• Dance choreographer
Famous foradapting Sologamy
Educational Qualification Bachelor in Journalism and Communication (2017-2019)
• Bachelor in Gender Studies (2019-2022)
Relationship status Sologamy
Marriage date8 June 2022
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack

Early life, family, and education of Kshama Bindu

Kshama Bindu’s real name is Soumya Sarita Dubey. She was born on Monday, 10 August 1998. Her birthplace is Daman, Gujarat. Kshama also went to The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda to pursue a bachelor’s in Journalism & Communication and passed out in 2019. Afterwards, she did bachelor’s in Gender Studies at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and completed it in 2022.

Her mother’s name is Sarita Dubey and her father stays in South Africa, who is an engineer. Moreover, she has a twin sister named Swati Dubey.

Wedding of Kshama Bindu

In 2022, Kshama Bindu decided to embrace sologamy, also known as autogamy. It is a trending concept in which a person marries themselves. It is a trend that people have been adopting in western countries for a while. Moreover, she is the first person for boldly adapting sologamy. Her journey with self started on 11 June 2022. She also decided to perform all the Hindu rituals at a temple in Gotri in Vadodara, Gujarat. Kshama also bought a lehenga of her choice and distributed her wedding invitation cards which only had her name. She also went to solo honeymoon.


Kshama Bindu had a friend named Raj Bhatt. He was very close to her and appeared in some of her Tiktok videos. Once, Kshama posted a specially written poem for him in which she tried to convey his importance in her life. Although she never said that he’s her boyfriend.


In January 2015, Kshama Bindu started working as a dance choreographer at X Dance School. Then, she worked as a human resource executive recruiter at Kosas Industries Pvt Ltd and left this job in February 2016. In 2016, Kshama also worked as a Sales Manager at Fashion Clothing. Later, she worked in NJ Placement and Financial Services as a human resource recruiting manager. Again, In November 2016, Kshama also became an M.D. at Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Private Limited and worked here for two months. Afterwards, she worked at Ashwamedh Political Consulting as an H.R. Manager till June 2017. In May 2018, Bindu joined Collabera as a career development executive Then, she worked as a freelance model in the same year. Hindu also worked at a U.S. company named Cognixia. Later, she moved to a company named Apidel Technologies and worked here as a Senior Healthcare Recruiter till December 2019. Bindh also joined IMS People and worked here as a senior recruiter till September 2020. Kshama also started working at QX Global Group, United Kingdom as a senior information technology recruiter. Recently, in February 2022, Bindu joined iPlace, a Pune based company, and works here as a senior recruiter.

Some exciting facts about Kshama Bindu

  • She was a TikTok content creator She also had a huge following before Tiktok was banned.
  • Bindu is also known by the name of The Guerrier.
  • In September 2021, Khama Bindu became bald and donated her hair; she uploaded this video on her YouTube channel, which gained over 18k views.


Who is Kshama Bindu?

She is the first woman in India who embraced Sologamy (getting married to herself).

Why did Kshama Bindu called her marriage early?

When shw announced her wedding in June 2022, a BJP leader raised objections. The leader said that such a marriage is not permitted under Hinduism and shouldn’t be allowed to get married in a temple. So, Kshama anticipated an upcoming controversy and decided to get married before her marriage date.

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