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How are I-Tip Hair Extensions Installed?



I-tip hair extensions are a well-liked way to give your natural hair more length, volume, and color. High-quality human hair is used to create them, and a metal ring or bead is used to link them to your natural hair. Suppose you’re considering obtaining I-tip hair extensions. In that case, it’s essential to know how to put the extensions on and work with a professional hairstylist to ensure they stay in place. The procedures for attaching I-tip hair extensions are as follows:


A consultation with a licensed hairstylist is the first stage in the installation process. You will talk about your hair objectives, select the ideal length and color of hair extensions, and determine the quantity of hair required to accomplish your desired look during this session.


Your natural hair must be ready before the I-tip hair extensions may be applied. To get rid of any buildup or product residue, this usually entails washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. To make sure that the ends of your hair are strong and even, your hairstylist could also cut it.


Your hair will then be neatly divided into small portions by your hairstylist using hair clips or elastics. Your hair type and the intended look will determine the size and location of these parts.

Placing the Beads

Your hairstylist will divide your hair into portions before starting to apply the metal rings or beads to each segment. For comfort and to prevent harm to your hair, the beads are often lined with silicone.

Attachment for I-Tip Hair Extensions

Your hairdresser will thread a brief portion of the I-tip hair extension through each bead after they have been positioned, then use pliers to clamp the bead shut. You will need to repeat this procedure on each area of your hair.


Once all of the extensions are in place, your hairstylist will use a flat iron or curling iron to merge your natural hair with the additions. By doing this, the extensions will look seamless and natural.


Your hair will then be styled to achieve the final result. I-tip hair extensions can be styled the same way as your own natural hair, allowing you to wear your hair in any desired style, including straight or wavy.


Your I-tip hair extensions will need some upkeep once they are implanted to keep them looking their best. The following advice will help you maintain your I-tip hair extensions:

  • To prevent the metal rings or beads from falling out of your hair, avoid using heat styling products on them.
  • To prevent tangling or harming the extensions, use a specific brush or comb made for hair extensions.
  • Avoid pulling or yanking on the extensions when washing and brushing your hair.
  • Regularly visit your hairstylist to have the extensions changed or taken out as necessary.


Anybody who wishes to give their natural hair more length, volume, or color should consider using i-tip hair extensions. They may be styled just like your real hair and are produced from premium human hair. 

But, to guarantee that the extensions are properly connected and to follow proper maintenance instructions in order to maintain them looking their best, it’s crucial to work with a competent hairstylist. I-tip hair extensions can give you the long, opulent locks you’ve always wanted if you take the proper care of them.

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