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Dennis Graham (Drake’s Father) Wiki, Career, and more!



Dennis Graham

Dennis Graham was born on September 20th, 1954, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He is a musician and actor and is the father of the highly popular rapper and singer, Drake.

Name :Dennis Graham
Birthdate :September 20th, 1954
Age :68 Years
Zodiac :Virgo
Occupation :Musician & Actor
Birthplace :Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nationality :American
Religion :Catholic
Hobbies :Playing Drums and Piano
Marital Status :Unmarried
Educational qualification : High School Graduate
Net worth :$150 Million Dollars (approx.)
Father’s Name :Larry Graham
Mother’s Name :Samantha Beeching 
Sister’s Name :NA
Brother’s Name :Larry Graham
Spouse’s Name :Sandy Gale (Divorced in 1991)
Social Media Presence :Instagram : 384k Followers
Twitter : 1,665 Followers

Some Interesting Facts about Dennis

  • Dennis grew up in a family of musicians.
  • Dennis got divorced from Sandy Graham in 1991, when Drake was just 5 years old. However, he claims that he is still in love with her.
  • After divorce Sandy took full custody of Drake.
  • Prior to his introduction to Drake’s mother, Dennis, he had a child with his high school girlfriend, and he had previously entered into marriage with a waitress named Virginia.
  • He was formerly a drummer for his band, “Dennis Graham” and the “North Memphis Band”, as well as for “Jerry Lee Lewis.”
  • Dennis’s sons Drake has tattoo of his father, portraying love for him.
  • Drake has been honest about feeling abandoned by his dad in his youth.
  • There were rumors circulating that Dennis was unattached during that period. However, in February 2019, he was spotted at Delilah Nightclub in the company of approximately four other women.

Early Life

Dennis Graham was born on September 20th, although he was somewhat reserved about revealing his exact age. He resided in Memphis, alongside his mother and brother, Larry Graham. His passion for music stemmed from his mother’s deep appreciation for it. Interestingly, she worked as a nurse in a hospital. While Dennis didn’t have a particularly close relationship with his father, he held a respectful attitude toward him. Notably, his uncle, Willie Mitchell, gained fame as a prominent music producer. Additionally, his cousin brother, Tennie Hodges, was a talented guitarist and songwriter, recognized for his work with Al Green.

Physical Appearance

Height :5’9
Weight :70kg (154 lbs)
Hair Colour :Black
Eye Colour :Black


Growing up in a family steeped in musical talent, Dennis Graham naturally gravitated towards a career in the music industry, following in the footsteps of his musical relatives. Today, Dennis enjoys a successful career and has exciting plans to unveil a new song. His musical abilities extend to drumming and playing the piano, showcasing his versatility.

Larry Graham, his brother, is a celebrated bassist known for his contributions to the funk genre. Dennis’s musical passion was further kindled by his uncle, Willie Mitchell, a prominent figure in the music industry during that era, known for his work as a music producer. Additionally, Dennis’s cousin was a skilled guitarist and the creative force behind the famous ‘Al Green’ song.

Relationship with Drake

Drake and Dennis have had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. Drake, in his music, has openly expressed feeling abandoned by his father during his youth, recounting the struggles he and his mom faced in the absence of his dad. He mentioned instances when he would clash with his mom over comparisons to his father, causing tensions in their household. Drake also rapped about his dad’s situation, living in Memphis and being unable to visit him due to child support issues.

Dennis, however, has voiced his frustration with how Drake portrays their relationship in his songs. He insisted that their relationship has always been strong and claimed that Drake told him these stories were embellished for record sales.

The tension between them came to light in a 2019 interview on Power 106’s Nick Cannon Mornings, where Dennis denied being an absentee father. Drake responded on Instagram, expressing hurt over his dad’s accusations and emphasizing that he had always spoken the truth in his lyrics, even if it was difficult for some to accept.

Love Life

Dennis was married to a woman named Sandy Gale in 1985, and they had a son named Aubrey Drake Graham, who we now know as Drake. However, they divorced when Drake was just five years old. Drake grew up mostly with his mother, but he still stayed in touch with his father. Sandy Gale is an educator and is very involved in various educational activities.

Dennis had relationships with several women in his life. He had a certain charm that attracted ladies. His first love was when he was 18, and he had a girlfriend. They both moved to Los Angeles because they had their own dreams to pursue and got married there. Her name was Virginia, but it’s rumored that they later divorced, and we don’t have many details about their relationship.

Besides Drake, Dennis Graham has two more daughters. One was born to his high school girlfriend, and he had another daughter after he and Sandy separated.

Net worth

According to sources it is calculated that Dennis Graham’s approximate Net worth is $150 Million Dollars.


How’s Drake’s relationship with his father Dennis Graham?

Drake and Dennis have had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. However, they’re still very close to one another.

When is Dennis Graham’s birthday?

Dennis Graham was born on September 20th, 1954.

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