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Class ( Netflix) wiki, cast, release date, story, and more



Netflix is popular for bringing authentic and engaging content. The giant media is back with another series named Class. This is an Indian crime-drama thriller. This series is directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. The series will feature Gurfateh Singh, Pirzada, Chayan Chopra, Anjali Sivaraman, Madhyama Segal, and Moses Kaul. Moreover, Class is made under the banner of Bodhitree Multimedia in association of Future East. The series is also an official adaption of Spanish popular Elite.


GenreThrill, crime, drama
StarringGurfateh Pirzada, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Chayan Chopra, Chintan Rachchh, Cwaayal Singh, Madhyama Segal, Moses Koul, Naina Bhan, Piyush Khati, Zeyn Shaw
DirectorGul Dharmani, Kabir Mehta, Ashim Ahluwalia
WriterRajesh Devraj, Bhaskar Hazarika, Raghav Kakkar, Kashyap Kapoor, Kersi Khambatta
Cinematography Tapan Basu, Kyle Macfadzean, Michael Filocamo, Alana Mejía González
ProducerAshim Ahluwalia
Music director Nayantara Bhatkal, Aditya N., Tubby
Production house Bodhi Tree Multimedia, Future East Film

Storyline of Class

The story of Class web series is based on Delhi’s most Elite school. The series represents the story of three kids from middle-class families. They earn scholarships to attend a presitgious and elite Delhi school. However, the situation worsens as the children face bullying and discrimination from other wealthy students. Soon they get dragged into a murder investigation as the prime suspects.

Release date and availability

Release date3 February 2023
OTT PlatformNetflix
LanguageHindi, English

Cast of Class

Gurfateh Pirzada as Neeraj Kumar Valmiki

  • In the series he is Dheeraj’s older brother who just got out of prison.
  • He is also a love interest of Suhani.
  • Neeraj Kumar is also vocal against prevalent casteism.
  • However, Neeraj is handsome and dangerous aura draws Suhani in.
  • Also, Neeraj struggles to pay a debt from prison and will do anything to get his hands on money.
  • But he is caring and sensitive to the people close to him and often finds himself in trouble.

Piyush Khati as Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki

  • He is one of three transfer students who falls for Suhani and also hardworking, shy and tricky guy.

Anjali Sivaraman as Suhani Ahuja

  • She is Veer’s sister in the series.
  • She is also the love interest of Neeraj and Dheeraj.
  • Suhani also comes from a wealthy family and has a streak of falling for the ‘bad boy’.
  • Suhani rebels against the corrupted ways of her family, while maintaining a youthful and joyful spirit.

Madhyama Segal as Saba Manzoor

  • She is one of three transfer students, a daughter of Kashmiri immigrants, who garners the attention of Veer.
  • Madhyama is academically driven and holds her religious and personal values close to her.
  • However, Madhyama eventually faces discrimination at school and is banned from wearing the hijab at school.

Cwaayal Singh as Balli Sehrawat

  • Singh one of three transfer students who is attracted to Koel.
  • Moreover, his character is comical and carefree transfer student who tries to assimilate with the richer students.

Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja

  • Zeyn is brother of Suhani and Yashika’s boyfriend. But he eventually falls for Saba.
  • In the same time he is hot-headed popular guy at school and believes his way is always the right way.
  • Zeyn is extremely protective of his sister, and does not bond well with the transfer students and would do anything for his friends.

Ayesha Kanga as Yashika Mehta

  • She is Veer’s girlfriend who strives to be at the top.
  • Yashika will also go to extreme lengths to secure what she believes will bring her happiness even by manipulating people.
  • However, Yashika is aware that she will never be satisfied no matter how much she has.
  • Also, Yashika has a strong dislike for Saba.

Naina Bhan as Koel Kalra

  • Koel is Sharan’s longtime girlfriend and Balli’s sex partner.
  • Koel is beautiful, cold, manipulative and extremely wealthy who uses her sexuality to get what she wants.
  • She also has a softer side of her is shown as she cares about the people she loves and will go to extreme lengths to cover up their faults and supports them.

Moses Koul as Sharan Gujral

  • Sharan is Koel’s longtime boyfriend and is submissive in nature and will follow the orders of the people he is close to.
  • Also, he is bisexual and extremely wealthy.

Chayan Chopra as Dhruv Sanghvi

  • Dhruv is son of the principal and swimming coach who falls for Faruq.
  • Dhruv is under constant pressure from his parents to excel in everything he does which pushes him to take drugs.
  • Also, he is driven to get what he wants while caring deeply for the people that matters most to him.
  • Dhruv is gay and explores his sexuality with Faruq.

Chintan Rachchh as Faruq Manzoor

  • Faruq is Saba’s brother and a drug dealer who falls for Dhruv.
  • Faruq is a closeted gay guy who struggles with pleasing his parents while living his true self.
  • He also dealt drugs to make enough money to move out and he is confident and detail-oriented.


How many episodes does Class web series have?

The series comes with 8 episodes.

What is the plot of Class Web Series?

Three students from a poor neighborhood join an exclusive high school for Delhi elite where dark secrets and rumors ultimately lead to murder.

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