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Allaoua Gaham, aka Allaoua Yoga, makes his name prominent in the world of Yoga and entrepreneurship across Dubai.




The much-talked-about “Yogipreneur” successfully runs a program on his YouTube channel with his interesting interviews with several impactful personalities in the Dubai wellness scene.

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It is so incredible to learn about all those people and professionals who, in several ways, go ahead in paving their own path to success and growth in their respective industries instead of only following the crowd blindly. These individuals are those who leave no stone unturned in giving it their all and make sure to put the betterment of others before their personal wins or goals. This very approach and attitude of working toward something valuable have what turned a few ordinary professionals into extraordinary success stories. One such exceptional professional in the fitness and wellness scene in Dubai, UAE, that has been making a lot of buzz lately is Allaoua Gaham, aka Allaoua Yoga.

Allaoua Gaham has risen to the top in the last few years for the kind of impressive work he has done, right from working in the corporate industry to building his journey through Yoga and turning into a “Yogipreneur.” A certified ERYT500 from Zen Den Florida and a certified senior instructor in animal flow and systema today also runs his YouTube channel with a program titled “Dubai Wellness Talk” (@dubaiwellnesstalk), which interviews some of the most well-known, inspiring, and impactful personalities who have had a significant influence on Dubai’s wellness scene. 

He calls himself a mindful Yogi who is on a mission to inspire conscious changes. Apart from being a Yogipreneur, he is also a mentor and a TEDx Speaker and has lived as one for more than 15 years in Dubai. As the host of his program, he interviews impactful doctors, entrepreneurs, influencers, Yogis, fitness instructors, and many other inspirational personalities who share their powerful wellness journeys and also spread their unique expertise and knowledge on the subject.

Dubai Wellness Talk serves as an educational and entertaining program that covers several interesting and valuable well-being topics for everyone to learn and laugh together. His channel has already reached 100K subscribers and grows with each passing day.

Even on Instagram (@allaouayoga), he is a growing name as a Yogipreneur and a highly influential personality.

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